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Single rear fender

Single rear fender

Is designed to fit wide-base tires on a single, tandem, or multi-axle tractor or trailer with 22.5” or 24.5” wheels.




  • *Bracket kits are sold separately*    250$
  • Paint to match your truck´s color optional   350$
  • Installation, optional    300$
  • Sold as pair


The single Fender is manufactured using fiberglass material. Designed with a unique outer lip, GLOBAL fenders provide superior control of spray and debris off the tires.  That means clean, damage-free freight and a safer environment for you and other drivers on the road.  When dented or crushed they bounce back into shape. The material is extremely durable, impervious to salt and corrosion, and can withstand temperatures ranging from -100º F to 197º F.

GLOBAL never stops innovating. They go head-to-head with shiny metal fenders that bend and break. You get the remarkable shine and reflection of a metal fender combined with the durability and advantages of the standard GLOBAL Fenders. GLOBAL fenders are also offered in a unique carbon fiber look!

Is weight a factor for you?  GLOBAL offers the strongest truck fenders on the market!  That means a return on investment!  And since the fenders come with a lifetime guarantee….that means an even bigger return on investment. 

Fiberglass fenders can be fixed, not plastic fenders. 

Not convinced yet?  



    Color: White
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